Getting to Know Tutor Doctor of WNY


I am Katleen Dethier, the local Tutor Doctor Academic Advisor for all of Western New York. Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing affordable one-on-one supplementary education to students and adults through offering in-home tutoring to families. My branch’s headquarters are based out of the town of Pembroke, a fantastic central location between Buffalo and Rochester, allowing us to be available to both of the cities and their surrounding areas. We provide in-home tutoring customized to fit both your budget and academic desires and needs. This blog is designed to inform you, both our potential and current customers, about some of our current operations and also to reflect on education in all its forms.

Every child can learn, given the right structure and motivators. Tutor Doctor’s motto is: “Work smarter, become smarter!” Learning shouldn’t be a chore –
Tutor Doctor makes it fun and rewarding!

Please feel free to contact us for assistance in all of your educational needs! I am looking forward to the opportunity to help more Western New Yorker’s meeting their educational goals! We offering tutoring in all levels of all  academic subjects, as well as test preparation in everything from the ASVAB and the ACTs to the SATs.


Katleen Dethier


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