Great Community Resource: Your Local Library

During the school year, your child has access to school resources, that range from the library and computers to the gymnasium. Over the summer, however, access to these resources may feel limited for some families, especially access to books. To pick up the slack left by summer vacation, one of the greatest community resources that many people fail to take advantage of is your public library. Public libraries are a staple of many communities, regardless of size, in the United States. These public libraries offer a wealth of resources for you and your child.

Reading over the summer is a great way to keep your child's mind engaged! (Image Credit:

Public libraries have ready and free access to books, and whatever books they don’t have they are able to order from neighboring libraries. Books aren’t the only resource libraries offer access to, as they also offer CDs, DVDs, magazines, and newspapers. Many also have computers with internet access, and offer access to subscription-only sites such as These aren’t the only things that public libraries offer. They also often host summer programming for readers of all ages. These summer programs provide not only socialization for children, who can become isolated from peers over the summer, but also provide a structured outlet to promote reading. Summer reading is an excellent way to keep your child learning over the summer and in preventing summer learning loss. Libraries also offer access to trained librarians, who can do everything from help you with research to assisting a child in picking out the perfect book to engage their interest. Wherever you live in Western New York, a library isn’t far away. Check out the following websites to find the library closest to you, and start utilizing your public library!

Erie County
Genesee County
Livingston County
Monroe County
Niagara County
Orleans County
Wyoming County


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