Maximizing Computer Time

Today’s children are more technology savvy than the previous generation. Many of today’s students grew up using computers and the internet, something which their parents probably did not. According to a University of Michigan study, children spend approximately 5 hours a week online. But according to a study done by, teens spend an average of 31 hours online. While it is important for children to spend time outside and unplugged over the summer, the reality is that they will continue to want time on the computer. For younger children, you can help to make their time on the computer more productive by having them play free educational online games that help them develop and strengthen academic skills in almost any subject area.

The Greek philosopher Plato once warned, “Do not…keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” Contemporary American author Diane Ackerman echoed this sentiment, saying, “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” Playing games can help learning, and these educational websites make sure that the games your child is playing are specifically geared towards skill development. So what are you waiting for? Fire up the computer for some educational playtime!

Computer time can be fun and educational! (Image Credit:

This website offers excellent educational games in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integers, decimals, money, fractions, time, geography, and language arts. Children can choose to play in a single-player format, compete against others, or cooperate as part of a team. The players children play against are anonymous, unless they choose to set up a game where they play against their friends via a pre-established password. These games don’t just encourage regurgitation of the facts, but are a way students can apply their knowledge and increase their rate and accuracy in a fun context.

This site offers students the option to choose games that are organized by grade level, ranging from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Some of the games are better than others, but they offer quite a bit of specificity, which could be used as a helpful study tool for a unit or just to keep up on knowledge over the summer.

Typing, geography, math, and social studies are just some of the categories addressed by this website. The games are single player, but competition is introduced through computer players. Overall, the games are fun, although some categories offer stronger offerings than others.

With thousands of potential games to challenge players of any age, gamequarium offers a unique rating system to help you choose the best games in any given category. These skill-builders really focus in on a skill and help your child strengthen a skill through practice.

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