Try Something New…For 30 Days!

This summer, it feels as though I’ve watched the days fly by. “Where does the time go?” I’ve asked on more than one occasion, and school is just around the corner. Sometimes, we want time to fly, whether it’s a long car ride or having a cold. But there are other times you wish time could slow down so you have more time to savor everything around you. A recent TED Talk I stumbled across on YouTube provided a great idea for how to make your time more memorable, and the idea seems simple enough. Speaker Matt Cutts recommends trying something new for 30 days and seeing the changes that result.

Cutts says his inspiration came from the fact that he felt his life was stuck in a rut, and decided to try doing something new for 30 days. He tried everything from biking to work every day to taking a picture every day, all for 30 days. These 30 day challenges have made him more self-confident, have helped him to do things he didn’t think he could do, and have been a ton of fun.

30 days go by whether you want them to or not. Make them memorable with a 30 day challenge! (Image Credit:

So what will you do over the next 30 days?


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