Creating Global Citizens Part 3

One aspect of culture that is visually appealing and very educational is art. The different art styles of various cultures can be a great way for children to expand their creativity while learning something about another culture. Art depends on the supplies available for artisans to utilize, and can spark a discussion about geography and growing. Many pieces of art are also representative of myths, or stories, that are popular within a culture. By examining art from other cultures, you can also discuss the history of the people who are credited with its creation, the differences present between art as your child understands it and the projects that you undertake. Have your child look at authentic examples of a piece of art, whether in person at a museum or online. Discuss the artwork with your child. What is the story behind the art piece? Where is it from? When is it from? Why was it made? Then, give your child the supplies they need to create their own representation of that style of art. Whether its origami from Japan or a Native American dream catcher, there are plenty of fun, educational, and multi-cultural projects available. One great site to find projects on is Blick Art Materials, who offer not only great project ideas but also lesson plans which give everything from lesson objectives and vocabulary to learn to evaluation criteria and materials needed. What kinds of multi-cultural art projects will you and your child do today?

Art is part of every culture! (Image Credit:


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