Creating Global Citizens Part 4

Summer is a great time for you and your family to take a vacation. To help your child become a more global citizen doesn’t mean you have to necessarily take them out of the country on a regular basis, although with the Canadian border so close it pays to have a passport! Simply moving outside your comfort zone into a new place helps your child become more globally savvy. Fortunately for us in Western New York, potential weekend trips to new destinations abound. Do you live right in the city? Why not try taking a weekend in the country at a bed and breakfast, or camping at a state park? Do you want to add a new state to your travelogue? Try making a drive to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Massachusetts for a three-day (or longer!) weekend.

There may be no place like home, but isn't that half the fun of traveling? (Image Credit:

The important thing is going somewhere different and trying something new in a new place. Children should be exposed to lots of new experiences, including traveling! Traveling helps make your child curious about other places and gives them the confidence to explore for themselves. Make your child an integral part of the planning process! Let him map out the route you’ll take, and plan out some of the major attractions you want to hit. To get a real taste of the local experiences, do your research before you leave! When in Philadelphia, you’d be remiss not to try a hoagie, and in New York City you definitely want to visit the Museum of Natural History.

What are some of your favorite nearby vacation spots?


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