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While YouTube may be a bastion for “cat taking a bath” videos and other such internet hits, it also has a lot of educational potential. The following accounts are some of our favorites at Tutor Doctor WNY, when we’re not watching dancing baby videos. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of these informative and fun videos!

The American Museum of Natural History

You don't have to travel to New York City to learn about natural history! (Image Credit:

This account, run by the New York City museum, includes a ton of educational videos addressing issues in natural history ranging from fossils to outer space. One of the highlights is The Known Universe. 

Featuring interviews with contemporary leaders, presents videos on “the people, issues, and ideas changing the world”. While some interviews might be a little dry, this could easily become a primary source for a project.

Horrible Histories on BBC1

Although this BBC series only has 25 videos, these hilarious features provide not only laughter but also education to make history fun!

National Geographic 

With over 2,500 videos, something is sure to peak your interest on the National Geographic channel, which has great videos exploring plenty of natural (and social) phenomenon.


Most people learn better with visual components in addition to audio, and RSA Animates does exactly that. Putting interesting lectures alongside their creative and skillful whiteboard drawings, RSA Animates helps make lectures interesting!

Steve Spangler Science

The infamous Coke and Mentos experiment is sure to be a hit with Steve Spangler Science! (Image Credit:

Looking for amazingly fun science experiment ideas? Look no further! While any of Spangler’s ideas involve a lot of work, they are definite inspiration for students to continue their science education!


Promoting itself as presenting “inspired talks by the world’s leading thinkers and doers”, many of the talks presented on the YouTube channel are extremely educational, engaging, and timely. With discussions ranging from topics in food to zoology, there’s something for everyone on TEDTalks.

The Open University

Free learning with The Open University is engaging and fun! Pairing excellent information in fields such as history and English with great animations, these short videos are enjoyable and educational. Of particular note is The History of English series.

What are some of your favorite educational YouTube accounts or videos?


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