Watch Us Evolve!

When Tutor Doctor WNY decided to branch out into social media this past May, we decided to focus on Twitter (you can follow us at @TutorDoctorWNY) and WordPress. The blog has been my project for the summer, and as we’ve gotten more familiar with what WordPress is capable of, we’ve been expanding our offerings. In addition to our daily blog posts, which cover topics we feel relate to education, families, and Western New York, we’ve also begun putting up additional material. Under our “About Tutor Doctor” tab, our educational consultant Katleen Dethier offers a welcome.  The “Contact Us” page offers tons of ways you can get in touch with Tutor Doctor, although we don’t yet have a roost for messenger pigeons. Under “Learning Aids”, you can find worksheets and sample curriculums with individual lesson plans straight from some of our tutors. This section is currently under construction, although our Math and Science sections are near completion. We recommend some of our most effective textbooks and review books under the “Resources” tab, along with links to Amazon where you can purchase them. We are currently developing this page more as well, so come back for more potential educational resources! Finally, our “Student Spotlight” tab is a sometimes humorous example of either a famous person as a student, or one of our very own student success stories.

We’re really looking forward to our continued development on WordPress, and to building relationships with our readers. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you have for the blog, or any questions you may have.




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