Family Fun Friday

Ah, alliteration. We here at Tutor Doctor WNY are always looking for ways to make the most of summer family fun, and the following are some suggestions for the last few weeks of summer for you and your family!

Play Mini Golf

There's nothing mini about the fun you can have mini-golfing! (Image Credit:

Requiring hand-eye coordination and a solid swing, mini golf is a game the whole family can enjoy. To boost the educational benefits, have your child add up the scores.

Family Game Night

We’ve written about it before, now go have a blast with your own family game night! A few of my personal favorites include Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Life, Monopoly, or Set.

Have a Campfire

Why not take your backyard fire into the wilderness on a camping trip? (Image Credit:

Teach your child some survival techniques and start a fire in your backyard! You can sit around the flames, telling stories, singing songs, and making S’mores. This is the epitome of summer for our family!

Plan a Get Together

Invite over some friends and family for a late summer get together featuring local produce that’s in season. Have your child help you plan the menu, do the prep work, set the table, and play host!

Sell Something

It’s definitely garage sale season around Western New York, and a great way to get rid of things that are no longer useful is to sell them! Have your child go through his or her belongings to find things they want to sell, and work together to find reasonable prices for each item. Have your child help you make signs and make change on the big day.

Step Back in Time

Who doesn't love the drive-in?

One of the great things about Western New York is that we have a lot of drive-in movie theaters. Why not bundle the family up and head out to catch a film on a gigantic outdoor screen? Bring dinner or a snack and enjoy being outside and watching a film! Don’t forget lots of blankets, sweaters, and bug repellant!

What are some things you and your family are making sure to do before the fall hits?


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