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With the new school year looming on the horizon, the opportunity for students to unplug from technology and take a techno-vacation is drawing short. Before the summer is over, try spending a day unplugged with your family. Leave the computer shut down, the phone in your pocket (just in case of emergencies), and the television turned off. Put away video games and bring out board games, leave behind your couch for the grass. In Western New York, we can truly appreciate every season for the opportunities it affords, and late summer is a beautiful time to be outside.

Sometimes getting caught up in technology is necessary. That big final paper that’s due, an e-mail that needs to be sent, that Netflix movie you have to watch before it’s no longer on instant play. However, every day doesn’t have to be dictated by technology. Choose a day that everyone in your family can get unplugged. For your first time going off grid, it might be easier to have a destination in mind rather than staying at home. Western New York offers tons of great destinations, both outdoor parks and indoor museums, that would make a great day trip.

Unplugging means a chance to relax and to connect with reality. Sometimes technology can feel totally consuming, and taking a breather can be necessary both physically (try standing up, stretching, resting your poor eyes!) and mentally. The irony of this is that I’m currently on my own laptop, working on a blog while also checking my e-mail and monitoring Twitter. After I get done with this blog, I think I’m going to head outside and enjoy the pool that will soon have to be closed. I hope that you and your family an enjoy the final days of summer with one or two unplugged days!


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