Manic Monday Balancing Act

Part of what makes a manic day crazier is the amount of running around contemporary families have to do. In between soccer practices, history tutoring sessions, marching band rehearsal, and the other extra-curricular activities that today’s students are involved in, the average parent’s evening is not full of rest and relaxation, but the chauffeur shuffle. Every parent wants the best for their child, and participating in extra activities outside of school is a great educational experience. However, with the school year just gearing up, why not try streamlining some  after school activities?

Finding the perfect balance can be difficult, but you'll be happier when you do! (Image Credit:

To keep your evenings from being eaten up by driving, first go through all the activities family members are involved in and figure out what the major priorities are. Sure, Timmy may like to spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons playing intramural basketball at the school, but if it really interferes with your schedule, why not try limiting it to one or two times a week? Find the activities that can be reduced in times per week, or can be shifted to another night. If Tuesdays are really crazy, maybe your partner can shift his or her gym night to Wednesdays to ease the burden.

When you’ve streamlined your activities as much as possible, start looking for help. Find a neighbor (or, preferably, neighbors) that has a pick-up at the same location, and take turns making the run. By making compromises and arrangements that make evenings easier, you can spend less time running around and more time relaxing.



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