Too Many Picassos

The fact that most kids really enjoy creating art is a good thing. Whether the results are masterpieces worthy of the Louvre or slightly-less acclaimed abstracts that may end up in the local thrift store, the act of creation is what’s important. However, the sheer amount of art projects produced can be overwhelming. I have an aunt who tells her children that the “Art Fairy” took their artwork away at the end of the day when really it was being secretly recycled. As the school year begins, you’ll be seeing a lot of art, so here are some ideas of how to use it!

Is this a Van Gogh or garbage? Well, nobody said art was objective! (Image Credit:

Make it Gallery-Worthy

To give credit where credit is due, this first idea comes from my own mom. She chose some of her favorite pieces that we produced and gave them the gallery treatment, putting them into frames and hanging them along our stairwell. That way, you’ll feel a little less guilty about getting rid of other pieces. You’ll be showing your child you appreciate their art enough to frame it, and you’ll also get some great pictures for your wall! A win-win situation!

Give it Away

A lot of family members enjoy getting original art from your little Monet, but to make it extra-special, why not try having it put on another object? A coffee mug for Grandma or a T-shirt for Aunt Susan might be just the way to go for a few special pieces your child creates. After making the new object, you can either save the original or recycle it to make space for future projects.

Beam Me Up!

Keeping physical copies of all artwork can consume a lot of space. To help save room and memories, why not try preserving your children’s artwork digitally? Whether you scan the pieces in or take pictures, you can put together an album that highlights artwork without taking up physical space. Or, if you still want a physical copy, go to a photo website where you can make a photo book and put your child’s art into it for a great conversation starter and memento.

What are some other ideas you have for preserving children’s artwork?


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