An Argument for Pencil Cases

I fully admit to being the type of person that carries around a fully-loaded pencil case. I should also admit that I have graduated from college. Having a pencil case probably doesn’t exactly help my cool factor, but when a friend is desperate for a ruler then I am the person to call. Whether you’re just entering pre-kindergarten or the medical program at a prestigious university, having a well-stocked pencil case is never a bad thing. Here are a few of the essentials that I think every pencil case really needs.

Ah, the ubiquitous pencil case! (Image Credit:

Pens in Every Hue

Because most people reading this probably are not in second-grade, you’ll want pens of every different hue. Make sure to at least have the standard black and blue ink pen to cover for all possibilities. If you’re a teacher, an editor, or someone else who likes their writing to stand out, you’ll probably also want a brightly-colored pen. If red doesn’t do the trick, why not try a vivid green or purple?

Pencils Aren’t Just for Kids

Sometimes, a pencil will come in handy. Make sure your pencil is sharpened, but doesn’t have a sharp point which will easily break off. You may prefer a mechanical pencil; just make sure you bring along some lead refills! Pencils come in handy when waiting at the auto repair shop, so you can tackle the crossword puzzle or Sudoku.

The Highlight of Your Day

When you need something to stand out, a highlighter will do the trick. Whether you’re perusing the wanted section or the rentals, a highlighter is the perfect choice.


A solid eraser (I personally prefer Pink Pearl) will come in handy if you make a big mistake. It will also make you popular with the ten-and-under crowd.

In Your Face

Post-it notes come in handy for just about any situation, whether it’s leaving a note for yourself or for someone else. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so find your favorite and keep it close by for unexpected situations.

This is a Stick-Up!

A small roll of clear scotch tape is never awry! You can use it to fix just about anything!

Technologically Advanced

The final thing I always carry around in my pencil case is a spare USB drive. It comes in handy if I hop on a computer unexpectedly and need a way to save my work.

What are other things you think are useful to have in your pencil case?




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15 responses to “An Argument for Pencil Cases

  1. Ken

    One might also consider adding a small pencil sharpener, a couple of paper clips, and a small calculator. Don’t forget the 6 inch ruler (hopefully with both metric and imperial markings)!

  2. Reblogged this on The Secret Life of Yarn and commented:
    You know, there was a time when I thought carrying around a fully stocked pencil case would be impractical. Now I carry around a makeup bag full of emergency personal supplies (nail clippers, mirror, chapstick, etc.), and another makeup bag full of knitting notions. Why not add a pencil case to the mix too? Or better yet, just get a slightly bigger makeup bag and combine the pencil case supplies and the notions. I frequently have to go searching for a pen, a highlighter, or a calculator when I’m knitting!

  3. KL

    I am especially fond of pencil cases and although I don’t carry one with me when I’m out, I have a beautiful one at home that everyone else knows is my own sacred pencil case and is not to be touched! I have all the standard stuff in there that you have mentioned, and I also carry a tiny stapler, a nail file, some bandaids and a lip gloss 🙂

  4. Very helpful when looking for such supplies! Ilissa Banhazl, marriage and family therapy Glendora

  5. Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my post.

  6. I have a fully loaded pencil case. I am not sure I would be able to survive a day without it. 😉

  7. How do you fit an iPad in that thing? 🙂

  8. I love pencil cases, or cases of any kind.

  9. Thanks for stopping by “Twisted Sister”. And, I love my pencil case. I’ve got one that’s purple the other, my favorite, is a vintage tin pencil case. I carry it everywhere I go!

  10. A mobile phone charger would be handy too…

  11. As a teacher I use to always carry a pencil case with all of the above, including, stars, stamps and all kinds of encouraging stickers. My husband use to call my bag a Mary Poppins bag as it seemed to hold an imessearurable amount of trinkets. 🙂

  12. You are so clever! This is a GREAT blog! I smiled the entire time I read it! My pencil case is in my car with my eyeliner pencils, brow brush, twister and mascara.

  13. Thank you for making me smile. I have several pencil cases. One for home, one for school, one for my handbag and so on. A stationery store is like a sweetie (candy) shop for me. I get pen and colour envy every time I see new stationery. Christmas stockings would be so easy to do for me…pity I’m too old to have one anymore.

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