Manic Monday Relaxation

Manic Mondays can make anyone a little crazy. To help you unwind from a crazy, stressful day, here are some easy relaxation tips that can help you and your family feel a little more zen.

Now this is my idea of relaxation. (Image Credit:


When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation, sometimes it helps to take a moment to breathe. Whether it’s stretching, taking a quick walk, or grabbing a drink of water, short breaks from intense tasks can be refreshing. The most effective breaks should be something different from what you’ve been doing. If you’ve been sitting at a desk all afternoon, stand up and move around. If you’ve been been at soccer practice all evening, try doing some deep breathing while lying on the floor. The break will not only refresh your body, but your mind as well.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast

Although classical music or nature sounds are recommended as relaxing things to listen to, whatever kind of audio stimulation works best for you is the right choice. I once knew a girl who meditated with the sound of Metallica blasting in the background, so it really is a personal decision. Make a playlist of songs you enjoy that get you in a good place and keep them handy for car rides or work.

All About Me

Taking some “me” time can be really important once you get into the hustle of things-to-do. Whether it’s taking a hot shower, watching a movie, or going for a swim, make sure to schedule time that you spend on yourself. Taking time for yourself will also help to strengthen your relationships with others, because you won’t feel as put-upon as you would without “me” time.

Go Forth

Getting out of the house or office and into the wild outdoors is a great way to help reduce your tension. While I was in college, my campus was right across from a lake. Whenever things got out of hand and my stress levels went through the roof, I would take some time out of my packed schedule and sit on the dock for a while. The combination of water, sunshine, greenery, and wildlife was incredibly relaxing. After a lake break, I found that I was able to return to the task at hand with less tension and more productivity. Whether you are fortunate enough to live right near nature, or you have to take a drive to a park, it is definitely a good investment to make.

What are some other ways you’ve found that help you relax after a Manic Monday?



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