A Spot of One’s Own

When I was younger, I did almost all of my homework at the kitchen table. As I got older, I started to do my work in the computer room, on the family desktop. When I got a laptop at the age of sixteen, it was all over. I started doing homework everywhere. Sitting on the couch while watching TV, propped up in bed, you name it. I was no longer restricted to a flat, hard surface for homework. The only thing that held me back was the computer’s need for occasional power charges. You might think that with so much freedom doing homework became easier. The truth is, it only got harder.

For most things in life, having a routine is a positive thing. A morning routine helps mornings feel less chaotic, a bedtime routine makes the evening more relaxing. What I would argue is that having a homework routine is equally important, and having a space where you do your homework is paramount. By having a set spot you go to do work, you’ll automatically be put into work mode. Your brain will click into the right gear when you take a seat at your desk, because that’s what it’s been trained to expect when you sit at the desk.

Of course, finding the perfect homework spot isn’t easy. Some people love doing work at the kitchen table, because the kitchen tends to be the hub of family life in many homes. If you work well with a background of noise and a lot of action around you, the kitchen table may be the perfect place to do work. Others prefer to be away from all activity, sequestering themselves at a desk where they can zero in on their work without distraction.

A good rule to follow when doing homework is to make sure that you have enough room to spread out. Even if you’re working on your laptop, it still helps to have your planner open along with any other materials you might need in the process of working. I personally like a large, hard, flat surface that allows me plenty of space and is conducive to using a pen or pencil for writing.

Figuring out your ideal working circumstances will make choosing your homework spot that much easier! (Image Credit:http://mymajicdc.com/lifestyle/mymajic/slice-of-life-ways-to-cure-the-homework-headache/)

You should be comfortable in the spot where you do your homework, but not too comfortable. While you may not want to sit in a hard, uncomfortable chair, you shouldn’t get into the habit of doing homework in bed. If you start doing work in bed, then your brain associates bed with work, and you’ll negatively impact your sleeping habits while still probably not managing to get as much work done. A good compromise for comfort could be doing your work on the couch with a coffee table in front of you, but if other family members are watching television it could get distracting.

The final thing you want to take into consideration when choosing the perfect spot to do homework is accessibility. You should have a place near your homework spot where you can store everything you will need to do homework, including writing utensils, calculators, graphing paper, and whatever else might become necessary. That way, you’ll spend less time running around the house looking for things you need and more time getting your work done. To help keep everything organized, try using small boxes or a drawer.

What’s your favorite spot to do homework, and why?


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