Manic Monday Locker Organization

Organization was definitely not my strong suit in high school. A prime example of this struggle could be found in my locker. That is, if you could have found anything in my locker at all. You see, my locker was always stuffed beyond its intended capacity by the second week of school, and rather than try to organize it I simply carried everything I needed for the day around the school in my backpack. It may have been good exercise, but it also gave me backaches. My inaccessible locker became a distant memory by the middle of the school year, and didn’t come back to haunt me until the final days of class and the dreaded locker clean-out.

The pair of gym shorts I had brought in September, a half-empty water bottle, a Snickers bar from Halloween…cleaning my locker made me gag. Getting a locker is something that you’ll miss once you hit college. So take it from someone who knows better…keep your locker functional! Here are a few tips that I wish I had taken when I had a locker of my own.

If this looks familiar, you need a locker intervention. (Image Credit:

Pretty It Up

Alright, so your locker is a little bland, but one way to motivate yourself to keep it cleaner is to decorate it! Whether you prefer pictures of friends and family or beautiful tropical beaches, pick something that will make you smile and relax throughout your school day. Make sure to use an adhesive method that won’t prove impossible to get off come June.

Keep Up

A messy locker comes from neglect. If you take a little bit of time on a regular basis to clean out any extra papers, garbage, or old smelly gym clothes, you can prevent a lot of headaches later.

Everything In It’s Place

All those loose handouts from Global History that are cluttering up your locker? Those should be in your history binder. By keeping your binders and notebooks organized, you’ll be doing your locker a favor as well!


Carrying a pencil case with the essentials is great, but your locker can be a place where you store the heavy-duty artillery. Put heavier school supplies in your locker, and keep spare pens and pencils at the ready to replenish your supply. You’ll be glad you did!

Maximize Your Space

If you have economics every day, but health only twice a week, put your economics binder in the most convenient to reach spot. Leave your hooks free to hang up coats, bags, or anything else you bring in with you. By making sure everything goes in the same spot every day, you’ll be on time for class and you’ll have a tidy locker. Win-win!



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