Being In Style

When you reach a point in your education where you need to start citing sources, you need to start learning how to use different citation styles. Whether it’s MLA format, APA, Chicago, or something else, mastering citation styles is crucial for high school and college. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget exactly what you need to do, so here are some websites that can help you on your way to citation mastery.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab

One of the staples of online writing resources, the Purdue OWL is a wealth of information for everything from the writing process to avoiding plagiarism. Take some time to really familiarize yourself with all the resources this site offers, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits. This site covers MLA and APA formats extensively.

Citation Machine

For students who need a quick and easy aid in creating their bibliography, Citation Machine can help steer you in the right direction. MLA, APA, and Chicago styles are all up to date on this site, but make sure to check the citation they give you for accuracy before inserting it into your paper.

Another great resource to check is your school library. Talk to a librarian about what you need, and they’ll be sure to have resources at their disposal. Make sure you know what citation style is required for your paper, and if you’re unsure on something talk to your professor or a librarian to get help! Remember, only you can prevent improper citations!




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