Farewell, Summer!

I think it’s officially safe to say that summer has passed. As we move into fall, many people are left feeling nostalgic for summer. Even as October looms closer on the horizon, there are still ways you can hold onto that summer feeling!

Bring Green Into Your Home

Part of what many people love about summer is being able to spend time in the great outdoors. Well, why not try bringing a piece of the outdoors in? Just because the gardening season is drawing to a close doesn’t mean you can’t continue growing! A really simple way to garden that can also spice up your menu is to have a few window sill herbs. Whether it’s basil, rosemary, chives, or parsley, you can have fresh greenery and ingredients right at your fingertips. If a few small herbs aren’t enough for you, why not try bringing another plant into your home? A few personal favorites include African violets (which thrive quite well in bathrooms), spider plants (which thrive just about anywhere), and potted trees. So head to your local nursery and pick up a little bit of summer! As a bonus, you can get the whole family involved in your indoor garden which incorporates lessons about responsibility.

Fire Up the Grill!

Just because the temperatures are starting to drop doesn’t mean you can’t have the taste of summer anymore! While it may be a little chilly to eat outside, the grill is still readily accessible and the bounty of fall provides plenty of grilling opportunities. An easy and fun way to get kids involved is to make shish kabobs. Make sure an adult wields the knife, but kids can help put the cut-up veggies on skewers for a colorful (and nutritious!) meal.

Dive Right In

While the outdoor pool may be covered up, there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the water. If your local school district has a pool, they may offer family swim nights or swim lessons that you can take advantage of. Otherwise, why not check out a local YMCA or other community center? Although nothing can beat swimming in the great outdoors, an Olympic-sized indoor pool comes pretty close, and keeps your entire body fit throughout the year.

Take a Hike (Or Bring a Bike!)

Get out the hiking boots and jackets, because fall can be the best time of year to really enjoy the outdoors. The air has cooled off, the ground tends to be dry, and the scenery can be breathtaking. Take your family outside and get your fill of Vitamin D to sustain you through the long winter months ahead!

Picking Ain’t Easy

Just because summer produce is over doesn’t mean that u-pick opportunities are gone! In fact, fall offers one of the most exciting kinds of crop-apples! Find a local farm that offers u-pick apples and bring the whole family along to increase your bounty! If you find you have too many apples to eat, why not try baking with them?

What are some other ways you and your family keep that summer feeling going as the weather cools off?


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