You’re Getting Sleepy

The past few nights I’ve spent tossing and turning, so to channel all that pent-up energy we’ll be looking at ways you can make your bedroom a peaceful respite and maximize your sleep. After all, you can’t be productive if you’re exhausted!

All Work and No Play

It’s easy to get sucked into doing work in bed. After all, it’s the most comfortable spot in the house, it has plenty of room for you to spread everything out, and it gives you a spot away from the rest of the commotion that may be distracting you in the house. But before you plug in your laptop and prop up your pillows, think twice. Bringing work into bed means that eventually, you’ll train your brain to expect work when it gets into bed, and you’ll have a much harder time sleeping. Doing work in bed also means that you’ll be more likely to take naps, and I’ve always noticed that my productivity decreases significantly whenever I move away from my desk. So rather than finishing that last chapter up in bed, get it done where you are and reward yourself with a great night’s sleep.

Turn off the TV!

If you aren’t doing work in bed, you shouldn’t be watching TV in bed either! The more you can keep your bed as strictly a space for sleeping, the more sleep you’ll get in it. Rather than crawling into bed to watch Iron Chef America, put on your pajamas and enjoy an episode on the couch before hitting the hay.

Never Leave for Tomorrow…

One of the major reasons I find myself losing out on shut eye is because I’m anxious about getting something done. There comes a point when you have to set  work aside in order to get sleep, but if you have a big project coming up make more time in the evenings to get work done, which will help you sleep better because you aren’t up working or worrying about getting the job done.

Get in the Groove

If you consistently have trouble sleeping, try setting up a routine for yourself that cues your body it’s time to shut off. I enjoy a cup of tea in my pajamas and a half-hour of something relaxing, whether it’s a TV show or a magazine article, and then I brush my teeth, set my alarm, and drift away. Your routine doesn’t have to be something elaborate, but you should try and keep it consistent.

Work it Out!

Getting some excess energy out, which tends to build up if you’re stuck writing papers or reading books all day, can be necessary in order to sleep. You don’t have to run a marathon; a simple walk will do just fine. Try and do this sometime after dinner, and make sure to leave yourself enough time to come down off your physical exercise high so you’ll be able to sleep.

What are some other tips you have for people who just can’t fall asleep?


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