10 Things I’d Do If I Could Do College Again

Take a Cool Class

I always wanted to take a pottery class in college, but I never did because I was afraid it would lower my GPA or conflict with other classes that were more relevant to my procedure. You can always take a class you want to take Pass/Fail, which takes off a lot of the pressure and lets you have more fun with it.

Make More than Facebook Friends

There were so many nights I passed up going to a lecture on campus or a performance because I wanted to do work. I’m not saying I shouldn’t have done my work, but I missed out on a lot of opportunities to bond with new people and have fun with friends. College has to be a balance between academic and social activities, and often the two can be combined!

Stay Up Later…and Sleep In Longer

The closer you get to adulthood, the more regulated your sleeping hours get. What I wouldn’t give to sleep in to the early hours of the afternoon again.

Say What You Mean To Say

A lot of times I shut up in class and didn’t get involved in a discussion because I was too nervous about saying something stupid. Next time around, I’m going to speak up when I feel like I have something worthwhile to say.

Professors Are People Too!

Those professors who always seemed inapproachable? I’d approach them. The bonds I finally managed to create with professors in my final year would have been so much stronger if I’d started earlier.

Make It Interesting

Rather than writing papers I thought would get great grades and stuck strictly to the letter of the assignment, I would try being a little more creative and molding assignments to my interests. After all, professors say they value creativity, so I would put it to the test.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Those pesky grades I spent so many nights getting worked up over? Forget them. I would still try to do as well as possible, but I would focus more on my learning rather than on simply spewing back information for a grade.

Give a Little

Dealing with roommates was never easy, but this time around I’d learn to let it go a little more. Rather than bottling up my frustrations and letting every tiny thing get to me, I would be a more open communicator and a better roommate myself.


I would do more internships, take more field trips, attend more conferences…you name it. I would really suck the marrow out of my college experience, and utilize all the resources around me. I would get help on my resume from the career services department, join more clubs that I was interested in joining, and study abroad. Okay, so maybe I did the whole study abroad thing my first time around, but I would definitely repeat the experience!

Cherish It

Everyone says four years goes by incredibly quickly…but you can’t understand that until it’s happened. Four years fly by. You will change and grow and learn about yourself along the way. Take lots of pictures of your friends, enjoy the dorm culture, thrive on your classes, because before you know it you’ll be walking the stage at graduation.

What are the things you would do if you got a chance to go back to college?

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