Falling Into Autumn

Autumn is definitely one of my favorite seasons. The beginning of a new school year, apple cider, Halloween, Thanksgiving, brilliantly colored leaves…what is there not to love? Fall is also a great time to slip in some educational opportunities surrounding the changing of the seasons.


Fall brings plenty of new materials for natural crafts. The possibilities for fall-themed art are endless. This beautiful Crayola fall tree project seems relatively simple and fun for kids of almost any age!


The fall season has long been praised by poets and authors. John Keats’s To Autumn is a particularly beautiful verse. Why not try writing some fall-themed poetry to get in touch with the season?


To get a sense of the world, look at ways in which other cultures welcome the fall. For most agricultural communities, the fall is the time of harvest. Take your kids out for a day at a U-Pick and give it some historical context by making an old recipe, such as applesauce?


The science behind why leaves change color in the fall is fascinating. Why not try a cool science experiment to get behind the mystery?

What are some other projects you use to make the fall more educational?



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