The Most Important Meal of the Day

All too often the morning rush leads to you and your children missing breakfast. This may not be a big problem for you, because you can stop somewhere to grab something to eat, but your child doesn’t have the same opportunity. Making a nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore or time consuming if you do a bit of planning and have the right foods in your kitchen. Add little touches or twists to such common items as cereal, and you’ll be surprised how a small addition makes a meal more appealing to your child. Some of the things I have found work well for my daughter include:

•Cold cereal, milk and a smiley face of honey drizzled on. Her favorite is Cherrios!

You can also try tossing some delicious berries on top of almost any cereal for an added boost of delicious nutrition! (Image Credit:

•Layering fresh fruit, low fat yogurt and cereal in a clear bowl or glass for a breakfast parfait.

•Stacking toast with peanut butter and banana sounds like a strange combination, but it is actually quite tasty and nutritious. Try to use whole grain breads and reduced fat or natural peanut butters for an even more nutritious start to your child’s day.

•Topping a bagel with peanut butter and banana is also yummy, but a twist can be to use cream cheese and sliced apple with a dash of cinnamon.

•Serving the typical cold American breakfast buffet right in your kitchen.  Put out a bowl of fresh bananas, apples, grapes and surround it with granola bars. This “grab -‘n-go” breakfast can be set the night before and allows your child to eat while waiting for the bus or walking to school.

•Dried fruits are also a good option for the breakfast on the run. Especially affordable and tasty are raisins, apples, and plums.

Try not to forget the juice, water and multi-vitamin with these options!  Remember, studies have found a strong link between a good breakfast and success at school. For such a small cost we at Tutor Doctor highly recommend taking the 5 minutes necessary to fuel your child’s body for the day.

Reminder…your child’s school may have a breakfast program right there. Often the cost is very reasonable and you might even qualify for a further reduced cost!

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