Halloween Costumes for All Ages

When I was little, I covered most of the usual bases for Halloween costumes. Black cat, vampire, alien, witch, clown, cow…and in the past few years, I haven’t had the opportunity to really dress up for the holiday. After all, I’m past the age when trick-or-treating is appropriate, and most of the Halloween parties I’ve been invited to have conflicted with midterms and essays. This year, though, my university’s graduate student union is throwing a zombie-themed party, and I’m DYING to go.

Choosing a costume can be lots of fun, but appropriateness is often an issue that arises around Halloween. What’s appropriate for children to wear? What’s inappropriate for adults to wear? For kids, the most basic question you can ask is “will my kid be comfortable wearing this for an evening of trick-or-treating?” If the answer is no, go with another costume. A lot of Halloween costumes tend to show a lot of skin, especially for grown-ups, and the weather should also be a factor. Many of my childhood Halloweens were cold, rainy, and even occasionally snowy!  Another thing to keep in mind is whether a costume is offensive. If you’re uncomfortable with a costume, go with your instincts and find something else. Even if the offensiveness is intended to be funny, it may cross lines, especially if a child is younger.

Whether it's a peacock or a butterfly, this baby costume is adorable (and allows you to put warm clothes on underneath!) (Image Credit:http://crazyfunnypictures.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloween-costumes-for-baby.html

Some of the best kids costumes that I’ve found are: animals, vampires, witches, clowns, pumpkins, princesses, fairies, knights, ghosts, or cartoon characters. These tend to be fairly inoffensive, easy to find, and offer lots of variety. Don’t forget the face paint!

What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes for kids? Do you have any great pictures you want to share?

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