Trick or…Education?

Halloween is designed to be fun. From scary movies and haunted houses to costumes and candy, kids usually aren’t thinking too much about learning when they could be having fun. However, for parents and educators, Halloween provides an opportunity to bring together education and fun in some really unique ways.


Education World has a ton of great ideas for Halloween-themed math projects. Halloween also means lots of candy, which brings plenty of opportunities to sort, count, and even graph the different kinds of candy your child gets.


Science Bob offers science-based activities that range from creating a glowing drink to grotesque looking slime.


This is perhaps the most obvious out of all the categories…but why not try carving a pumpkin? Let your imagination run wild, or try using a pattern you can find online? Get younger kids in on the action by helping to clean out the pumpkin and design the carving, but leave the actual cutting to someone with a little more coordination.


There are tons of Halloween-themed books and movies, so why not try focusing in on one particular Halloween staple this year? Look at the different ways vampires, werewolves, or ghosts are represented in films and literature, and talk about what makes them scary (or not so scary!). Try having your child write his or her own scary story, and perform it for the family.


Have your child explore the internet to find out about Halloween’s origins. Try starting out at the History Channel site, which offers interactive activities and educational video clips  to hold your child’s interest!

What are some other ways you’ve found to make Halloween educational?


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