Sunday Morning Shout Out

Hello! My name is Nicole Kelly. I am an additional voice for Tutor Doctor’s Blog and will most often write under the “Sunday Morning Shout Out” segment. Currently, I am an at home mom, on hiatus from the world of licensed social work. As I stay home with our three children, ages: seven, four, and four months, I continue to do free lance writing and delve into the world of tutoring. My special focus will be on school success and young children from preschool to age seven.

Like many of you, Sunday and sometimes Saturday morning is my morning for that extra cup of coffee. It’s that day of the week that lends itself to not feeling as rushed and to having a sense of catching your breath (for five minutes at least anyways). Saturdays can also be full of dance, games, sleepovers, errands, etc. etc. But, it is my hope that from the more personal to the more serious study based “shout out”, these entries will leave you thinking about your child and learning in a slightly different and perhaps more excited way. Like you, I am eager to get my children on a good footing for their school years and school careers, as they start off as toddlers and emerge many years later, post school, as young adults.  It is my hope that their education and your children’s too, will be enlightening to them and to us through its challenges, discoveries, and successes.  Happy Weekend!


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