What’s the Buzz?

An important part of being a global citizen in a democratic nation is keeping up on current events. Although today’s students tend to be plugged in almost 24/7, with ready access to any news source they could possibly want (including The Onion), adults still need to model what being an informed citizen looks like. Here are a few tips to help get your household more up-to-date on the latest happenings across the world.


Sure, print media may be dead. But nothing quite beats the feeling of getting a monthly subscription in the mail. My dad always subscribed to The Smithsonian, and flipping through those glossy pages got me interested in topics I would have skimmed over on a website. By having a monthly subscription to a journal or newspaper, you’re demonstrating that you place value in being well-informed, and hopefully your children will pick up on that fact. To get them really involved, let them have your subscription when you’ve read through it. Even if your child only uses the pictures to make collages, chances are they’ll pick something educational up in the process.

News Clips

While sitting down and watching the news nightly for an hour may not be your cup of tea, show your child that you’re invested in the world by making sure you tune in for big events. Watch the President’s Address to the Nation, the election results pouring in in November, and any other events you think are worth seeing. Get your child involved in the conversation as well!

Talk About It

The news can be a great conversation starter. “Did you hear New York now allows gay marriage?” can be a great way to discuss politics in an accessible way for your children. While you don’t want to indoctrinate your kids with your own values, letting them know what you do value isn’t a bad thing, as long as you let them make their own educated decisions. And remember, model respectful behavior by not insulting other people’s opinions!

What are some other ways you’ve found to get your kids interested in the news?


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