Babysitter as Educator

It can be easy to forget that the people who are involved in your child’s care bring talents to the table that you may not. Babysitters and other childcare providers can bring a unique educational opportunity for your child if you encourage learning. Talk to the people you rely on to help you with childcare and find out they enjoy doing or are good at. Maybe your babysitter is a great chess player who can teach your child how to play the game. Make sure to have access to whatever materials the babysitter would need to facilitate the learning opportunity, and get your child excited about the activity in advance.

By making time spent with a babysitter educational, and benefiting from his or her experiences and knowledge, time will go by faster for both your child and the babysitter. You’ll also know that the babysitter will be more engaged in your child, and more attentive, which cuts down on potential problems. Hopefully, this will also make both your child and the babysitter have more fun, and both will be more willing to repeat the experience.

What are your experiences with babysitters as educators?


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