Sunday Morning Shout Out

It is not just the holidays that are around the corner. If your child has not had her parent/teacher conference, it is probably coming up soon. As a parent, I am always a little unsure of myself going into situations like these ones. I am afraid I am forgetting some major points to take up with the teacher.

“Nickelodeon Parents Connect” website features a great site called: “12 Questions to Ask at Your Parent-Teacher Conference” These questions range the gamut from:  your child’s school performance; parental/school expectations; and assessments to homework related ones; your child’s unique learning style and its fit in the classroom; how to ask for extra support if it is needed; and your child’s classroom engagement with the teacher and peers.

From my experience, I suggest you do ask your child’s teacher any other question that comes to mind. Try to jot down your questions in advance and take these with you to the meeting. There is nothing like getting there and thinking you will remember to ask about something, and then forgetting about it. Remember you are there to be your child’s best advocate and to make sure your child’s school experience is everything it can be.

Being prepared for this 10-20 minute meeting is important in assisting your child’s growth, learning and development. Be confident in that you know your child well and use the external perspective of your child’s teacher to help you meet any needs that are not being met in the school setting. In the same sense, you are there to promote good practices that are already occurring and see how you can maintain your child’s quality work at both school and home. Also know that you can ask for other meetings with the teacher in addition to this ‘teacher conference’. To me, keeping in contact with the teacher is part of my responsibility as a parents to assist in the development of my children. Remember that the school and teacher can not do it alone!


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