Dealing With Out Of School Suspension

It may not be common, but one of the most severe forms of discipline a school can mete out is out of school suspension. This experience can be tense already, but is there a way you can still keep your child’s education on track?

If you live in New York State, you need to know your child’s educational rights. The school is still required to provide your child with education, which can range from picking up and dropping off assignments at the school or even having a tutor provided. Make sure that you establish the educational expectations the school will have for your child, and communicate your own requests or concerns. If there isn’t anybody available to remain at home with your child, make sure to set up a daily schedule for completing school work. Approve the schedule before you leave in the morning, and check in on progress after dinner. Out of school suspension isn’t a vacation, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Make sure you also communicate your expectations for the state of the house when you arrive home. If your child will be staying at home all day, make sure all messes are cleaned up. Out of school suspension is often a response to a child not living up to his or her responsibilities, so you need to really put the focus on expectations and responsibilities during the time spent out of school. You’ll probably also want to address the issue that got your child suspended in the first place. You may want to give him or her a day to cool down first, but keep lines of communication open between you, your child, the school, and any other relevant parties. If you think counseling is necessary, make sure to find out what free services the school would be willing to provide.

It may not be ideal, but your child’s out of school suspension doesn’t have to be a total disaster. Communication is the key.


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