Sunday Morning Shout Out

As we mark Thanksgiving week and get into the holidays, I need to say my  girls’ backpack “overfloweth.”   I am beyond grateful for the fact that my children go to a school where…let me stop there, can go to school. As UNESCO data points out in some countries children my girls age are working often because school is reserved for boys or the wealthy, or wealthy boys.  Knowing this, I am thankful for my girls’ school which is public, small, and focused on a nice balance of academics and extracurricular activities.

In the last five years it has gained a universal prekindergarten program that gives children a needed early boost in their school careers and time at school. By the time my youngest daughter goes to kindergarten, she has experienced the bus ride, gym, music, and library classes. In a day when some districts in our country are considering doing away with bus transportation or charging monthly fees for service, I appreciate this service and the drivers that safely get my girls back and forth from school.

John Russell / AP file

I  commend our district for not looking at the specials they offer (e.g., gym, art, music, and library) as services to cut and gut.  We know they enrich our children’s school experience. We know they make our children well rounded. We know that these activities help with reading, math, science—all of them, not to mention with combating childhood obesity and other health problems.  For the fact the school provides these educational enrichments, I am so happy. For the passionate teachers my girls have had and currently have, I cannot say enough. Every student should have such an introduction to formal learning. For the fact my children love school, for all these reasons, I am so glad.


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