WNY Winter Holiday Events: Rochester Area Theater

Growing up in Western New York near Buffalo meant that I never really gave much though to what Rochester had to offer, even though it was a short drive away. In the past few years, I’ve started paying more attention to Buffalo’s eastern neighbor, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the wealth of cultural activities I’ve found. Western New York is truly fortunate to have  not one, but two cities that have great cultural offerings!

Dickens's holiday classic still resonates with audiences today! (Image Credit:http://fun.recreationxleisure.com/traditional-christmas-carol-lyrics/)

In yesterday’s post about Buffalo holiday theater offerings, I mentioned having seen Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol staged at Studio Arena. While researching for this post, I was happy to find that the Geva theater is producing this very play, and have been doing so for some years now! I called my sister to get the inside scoop and she says the production has been fantastic in previous years. The theater offers a family value package for seeing the play, and I made sure to book my family seats. Our four-year-old is going to love this holiday classic! To take advantage of this special package, you can reach the theater at 1-585-232.4382.

There are many other great theater options in the Rochester region, and the following is a sample. Let us know if you find any other great theater events in Rochester!

A Christmas CarolGeva Theater Nov. 25th. – Dec. 24th.

Mr. Dickens is Coming – Geva Theater – Dec. 4th.

Magic in the MakingGeva Theater – Dec. 12th.

The Santaland Diaries Black Friars Theater – Dec. 16th. – Dec. 21st.

Tom Foolery – Black Friars Theater – Dec. 3rd. – Jan 7th.

Billy Elliott – Rochester Broadway Theatre League, Inc. – Nov. 29th. – Dec. 11th.

The Gift of the MagiBlack Sheep Theater – Dec. 2nd. – Dec. 11th.

(We’re not too sure what the proper age is too see the following production but looks pretty funny for adults…)

The Santaland DiariesBlackfriars Theater – Dec. 16th. – Dec. 21st.

Now it is time to work on the listings for music in the WNY area. Ho, Ho, Ho!


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