Sunday Morning Shout Out

Math Moments…Parenting is about teachable moments, especially as our children get older and can grasp more. Why not include math in the mix?  Throughout our days and routines with our children, we can sprinkle math into our activities.  Baking with kids is a perfect time for math. From basic, basic concepts of needing one egg versus two eggs and counting out the chocolate chips in a recipe to more complex notions such as fractions and adding half cup of water and a quarter cup of oil, there is a lot of math to be found in the recipe.  —Not to mention great bonding time with our children.

Learning through the mess!

As children love stories. I have found that making up math stories are an active way I can work on addition and subtraction facts with my second grader. I sneak them in as we are running errands or waiting somewhere. So this week, I might tell her a little story about reindeer and ask her how many reindeer would you have if one reindeer joined Rudolph for a flying game of tag. Or how many letters for Santa are there if ten children wrote him letters, but only six mailed them to him, because the others forgot.  Make them relevant to your little ones interests. Put them in the middle of the story…remember:  when learning is fun it is done!


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