My New Nook

It started seven months ago. An afternoon trip to the Apple Store for a Genius Bar appointment led to my introduction to Angry Birds and the iPad. It was love at first touch-screen. “Dad, I want an iPad,” I confessed on the car ride home. “What for?” he asked, incredulous. To be honest? I just wanted to play angry birds.

A few months later, my friend at university got a Kindle. Any skepticism I had about e-readers was washed away when I saw the amazing display. The only thing that put me off were the clunky controls. After being spoiled by the iPad touchscreen, I couldn’t get used to having to click every time I wanted to flip a page.

Five days ago, Sinterklaas brought me my very own Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet. It really is the best of both worlds. I’m able to play Angry Birds (and Angry Birds Rio, too!) as often as I want, and the touch screen is just as responsive as the much more expensive iPad. My little sister and I read the book Charlie Brown Christmas, and were not only able to hear the text read aloud but were also able to interact. We clicked on characters to make them dance, added stars into a night sky, and decorated a Christmas tree. The Nook has been so easy to use that even my four-year-old sister got the hang of it immediately. She turned pages and played Angry Birds and got pretty angry herself when I tried to take the Nook away from her.

A Nook tablet isn't just for reading! You can add apps with everything from Angry Birds to Netflix! (Image Credit:

The Nook is also great for reading novels. I’m currently working my way through the final book in the Wicked series, and it even includes all the maps and introductory materials that a printed version would have. The text is very easy on the eyes, and turning pages is as simple as the touch of a finger. The Nook is also lighter and more portable than most books in my collection, and it will let me have an entire library at my finger tips.

Another great thing about an e-reader? You can get a lot of books that are past copyright for free. That’s right, free. The Nook also lets you highlight parts of the text that you want to stand-out and even search an entire book for certain words or phrases. That comes in really handy when you’re writing a paper for school! So congratulations, Nook, you took a die-hard printed text book reader and turned her into a convert. Well, sort of. I’ll still always appreciate a beautiful bound book…but I’ll definitely start substituting my Nook for my physical books!

Do you own an e-reader? What do you think about them?


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  1. I only began to wonder about that when the story finally caught up with the first chapter, by which time I was so hooked I couldn†t put it down.

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