Sunday Morning Shout Out

The magic and experience of Christmas changes as we age. As a parent our children are my Christmas. The sparkle in their eyes that only children’s eyes know; the dash of color as their little bodies dart across the room; and the uniqueness of their personalities that fill our lives, are the Christmas lights in our home. The red of baby cheeks after a nap and little girl cheeks after playing outside, hues of holly berries that invoke Christmas.  Green, their innocence, their newness, their early life beginnings, and mix with red, elaborate tapestries of little lives in motion. Beauty and mystery, epiphanies, before us.  Laughter, squeaks, baby sighs, happy babble and sounds at play, our carols, our parade of Christmas song.  -Breathy silence of little ones asleep, quiet contentment of thoughtful play, stillness upon us.

Yes, I believe in wonder. My children, your children, are the wonder that abounds before us today and every day. In their discovery, lies our own.  In the magnificence of their early life experiences, magic and joy. Christmas is for children. Christmas is our children. Our children lead us back to Christmas.  Merry Christmas!


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