Overcoming Holiday Boredom

Are you asking yourself “What can I have the kids do so they are not bored during this holiday?” If you are an older student do you ask “What should I do during my winter break?” Here are some thoughts from our staff…

The winter holidays are a welcome respite from the busy school calendar. The holiday is typically too short to get a new job or tackle a large project, but they are long enough for you to catch up on sleep and spend some quality time with friends and family members. Although getting some rest and relaxation is important for you to recharge, you can also use this opportunity to prepare for next semester.

Catch up on your reading during your holiday break. Ask your teachers for reading lists and get started on reading you will struggle to find the time to do next year. Read books you are interested in so that you can still relax. Reading a couple of books during your break will really help take the pressure off you in the new year and leave you with more time to pursue other interests.

If you are working on your college or university applications, consider using this time to volunteer. There are many volunteer opportunities as people who usually volunteer may be away on holiday. Consider a volunteer job in the field that you wish to study. Not only will this help with your college application, but you will also find it a hugely rewarding activity and an avenue for personal growth.

Have your kids create, produce, and rehearse a play they will present on New Year’s Eve. It is a great way to help them understand the dynamics that make up a performance and it will spark their creativity, not to mention help them use their memory as they learn their lines. The more children involved the better but remember to keep it manageable for both you and your children. Ultimately you will be amazed at what they put together and it can become a great holiday tradition for your family and friends.

Get moving! Healthy bodies mean healthy minds and if you don’t have much time for your favorite sports, use your break to catch up on exercise. Winter break gives you the opportunity for skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, skating, hiking, or indoor sports. Have some fun, get a little exercise, and help your body to reduce toxins and build muscle.

Visit a local cultural institution. The break is a great time to catch up on new art or learn more about older artist’s works. Going to the zoo is always a fun family event. Local museums are also a great place to go and learn at an enjoyable pace. The WNY region offers some great opportunities in museums like the Strong Museum of Play, Buffalo Museum of Science, Rochester Museum of Science and a host of large and small art galleries.

Get a hobby. Whether your hobby is building model airplanes, cooking or learning a new language, participating in a hobby that interests you will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. Hobbies make you a more interesting, well-rounded individual and reduce the stress you have accrued during the school term. If you are not sure what hobbies suit you best, try the list of 101 hobbies or the world’s largest list of hobbies. If anything these lists will amaze you and perhaps give you a chuckle as you look through the suggestions.

Christmas clean ups help you to sort through your closets and get your room in order. You won’t have time to get your living space organized during the school year, so take this opportunity to go through your closets and collect everything you don’t need or use. Encourage the rest of your family to join in and then donate the stuff you don’t want to a charitable organization. If you have valuable items, sell them on eBay and use the money to buy Christmas meals and gifts for those less fortunate.


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