Sunday Morning Shout Out

I can think of many clichés and famous quotes about change on this New Year’s Day.  Whether wiping the slate clean or in following the words of ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu, “The journey of a thousand steps, begins beneath one’s feet, “ I believe lasting change is often incremental. All too often this time of year, resolutions get broken very quickly when they are too grand in scope. At least mine have.

This year my resolution is to make some changes in my life and in our family life by starting gradually and subtly. I believe that if I can be healthier and a better person, my family will be healthier, as well.  So to start I will ask myself: Am I showing them a good example with resting, eating, exercise, reading, loving learning, and loving life? What type of tone am I setting in the house? Is it patience or impatience? Is it kindness or sharpness? Is it consistency and routine or chaos and disorder?

As I consider these questions, may they inform my changes as well?  I resolve to consider and make these big considerations prominent in my thoughts and my striving every day to live a life well lived, so my children have a role model and do as well.

Whatever your resolution may be or not be, I wish you and your family well.  Happy clean slate and Happy New Year!


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