150 Posts and Counting

When we first started this blog we never thought we’d have enough content or energy to write more then a few dozen blogs for the year. To our surprise our host, Word Press, is telling us that this will be our 150th post since starting in June 2011. These 150 blogs are the product of a lot of writing, researching, and idea finding. In reflecting on our success in keeping the posts flowing and, more importantly, read by an ever growing audience, we thought we’d share some our habits that are contributing to our success.

One of the first habits we have is that we make the blog a priority and our goal is to get a minimum of five posts posted per week. By having this goal in mind, we’re able to consistently meet our target number of posts. Placing the blog as a priority in our company’s community outreach and advertising, we’re also able to devote more energy to its production.

The second habit we have is we keep our goals for the blog at the front of our minds. First and foremost, we want our blog to function as a center of discussion for educational issues. In addition to keeping our content related to education, we want the form of our blog to reflect the educational values we promote. This means that for each blog we follow the steps of writing, complete plenty of research, and keep our audience in mind while writing.

This gets at our third habit, which is to keep our audience in mind. We look at the posts that are popular with our readers and try to mimic similar themes in later posts. We try to balance this attention to what has been popular in the past with new topics that will attract new readers and entertain old.

For our fourth habit, we continually research. No matter what we’re reading, watching, or listening to, we try and find ideas for the blog. With a blog, you often find the best inspiration from your own experience.

As we enter into 2012, we’re going to continue to focus on ways to improve our content. We want to increase the interaction that readers have with our writing, and that commitment starts now. What are some things you’d like to see featured on the TutorDoctor WNY blog?



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4 responses to “150 Posts and Counting

  1. Very good advice. Purpose + Discipline = Results. I like it. In my situation, I found that no matter how well I write, I’m a blogger in a Twitter world. Everyone wants to read what the message is, in 140 characters, or less. I found that, even as I approached 150 posts, they weren’t getting much attention. So, with one of my posts, I switched to a daily update format. When I started it on another website, a year ago, it didn’t get much attention. Now that I search for blogs to follow and include their links in the content, “The Daily Climb” does get attention. This is the thing that I’ve always known. You can’t get read, if no one knows you’re there. As things have developed, it’s become very important to me that I see 100 clicks to other links on my blog. When I comment on someone’s post it means that I found something worth reading. Other people should see it, too.


    • Thanks for the comment and advice George. I really don’t get Twitter (nor texting) but they are part of today’s society and the way information is shared. When we do a post we do a tweet that it is up and try to do 2 tweets a day. That seems to help. Also make sure we put links into our content and at least one picture. We also have 3 people that provide content and 2 are english majors so that helps. Thanks again for your read. Our team appreciates it…Ken

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