Sunday Morning Shout Out

For better or worse the hustle and bustle of the holidays may be over, but the hustle and bustle of life is a constant. I have found journal writing to be an incredibly helpful way to handle “hustle and bustle” overload. It something that adult and children can benefit from. Who has not had that sense before going to bed of a mind that won’t turn off for the night? With this economy, the world, family stressors, our children, there is plenty to worry about as an adult with children.  I find that before going to bed at night or first thing in the morning, it helps to have some quiet time to clear the mind and put those thoughts on paper. I have found it really provides that tangible sense of releasing stress and worries, often in a profound way.

Of course, children and teenagers worry too. A journal can be a terrific space for the youngest family member and the oldest to let go of their worries.  Pre-writers can draw pictures and “scribble write” in their journals for an outlet, too. Besides the social and emotional benefits, it is another way to encourage your children in becoming good writers. Whether in an old notebook or a pretty journal from the store, this is one easy way and place to go for stress release and writing improvement.

And yes I’m still old-fashioned and use paper and pencil for my journaling. There are a great deal of tailored software and online programs one can use. For me part of the therapy of writing is to feel the pen on paper and watch characters move from my head to that pen and then onto the paper. Doing this also helps separate my professional writing on a keyboard from my private and personal work that is in my journals. However, you decide to journal is your personal preference. The biggest thing is to start writing and to do it regularly. Also know there is no right or wrong way to do it…it is your literary masterpiece!

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