For a lot of writers, it seems as though the title of a written piece is unimportant. It may be an afterthought, or not thought of at all. Grading a recent batch of papers as part of my TA duties, I noticed a trend starting to emerge. The writers that were thoughtful enough to give their piece a title seemed to do better than those writers who did not take the time to give their essay a title. 

But why is a title so important? A title is the first thing that your reader will see when engaging with your writing. Typically centered and at the top of a document, the title should be informative, engaging, and potentially entertaining. A good title not only tells your reader what the rest of your writing is going to focus on, but it also entices your potential audience into actually reading your paper. 

Good titles are very descriptive. “Young Ladies in the Country: Women and Landscape in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice” tells the reader what novel the essay will focus on and what topic the essay will focus on within that novel, which is far superior to: “Essay On Pride and Prejudice”, which is vague and uninteresting. Even if your essay is being written for a class, and the audience may only be your teacher, you should still try to engage him or her with an interesting opening title. 


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