Weekend Breakfasts

Here at Tutor Doctor WNY, we firmly believe that bringing children into the kitchen can not only make for some great family memories, but also some great educational opportunities. This weekend, why not try getting the kids out of bed a little bit earlier than they may usually decide to, skip the morning cartoons, and make a delicious breakfast together as a family? Whether it’s scrambled eggs, French toast, pancakes, or a fruit salad, there are plenty of ways to get younger children involved. 

One of my personal favorites is cinnamon French toast. It’s easy to make, you probably already have the ingredients lying around, and younger family members can help measure, pour, and mix the wet ingredients. To add to the occasion, why not try eating breakfast all together at the table? Bring out the fancy china and cloth napkins for a real treat! 

What are some of your favorite breakfast dishes to make with your family? 



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