Working and Working Out

Everyone has things that they willingly put on the back burner when they have a lot of work to do. For me, the first thing that’s sacrificed for the sake of school work is exercising. During high school, I had the built-in PE class for two or three periods a week to keep me in shape. After school, I participated in the marching band and spent hours marching around twirling a flag for color guard. During my undergrad, I tried to go to the gym. I only made it up the hill occasionally, though. The two semesters that I spent the most time in the gym was when I took my two required PE courses.

Fast forward to grad school, and I seem to rarely have “time” to work out. If you’ve read my previous blog post about my ridiculously wide-open schedule for the semester, you might be rolling your eyes here. What you don’t understand is that when I’m at home, there’s always the potential that I’ll get work done. Taking deliberate time out to go to the gym means that I won’t accomplish any work during that time. Of course, my logic is skewed. Instead of working on my presentation I watch an entire season of Downton Abbey. I take an afternoon nap out of boredom rather than necessity.

Pumping iron can also help pump up your brain power! (Image Credit:

So I’ve made myself a promise: I’m going to start going to the gym. Well, it doesn’t have to be the gym. But I am making a commitment to move each day. Saturday, I did pilates at home. Sunday, I went ice skating and realized that your skates should be so tight you can’t feel your foot. Today, I hit up a free Zumba class at my university gym. Sure, my muscles are sore. I didn’t have as much free time to get work done as I normally do. But you know what? I’m going to get the work that I need to finished by the time it’s due. Making physical activity one of my ¬†priorities will hopefully help me be a better student. There have been plenty of studies testifying to that fact, after all.

Do you prioritize working out? Do you have a hard time working physical activity into your schedule? What are some of your favorite things to get the blood pumping?


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