Stagnant Work Spaces

When I was younger, I did my homework all over the place. In school during a free minute, on the bus, at the kitchen table, on the family computer (which started in my mom’s room and then moved to the kitchen), on the living room coffee table… it didn’t seem to matter. During my undergrad, I always started the semester insisting that I wouldn’t do work in my bed, but slowly my desk would become more like another shelf and I would be sitting in my bed, laptop on hand, books spread over the comforter. Now that I have my own apartment, I’ve managed to mostly avoid doing work in my bed, which leaves me with my desk or my couch.

Working outside sounds like a real treat in the middle of winter! (Image Credit:

Living on a small campus during my undergrad meant that it was only  a short walk to the library or to an academic building with plenty of work space. Now, however, I live a 15 minute drive from my campus, and finding parking is not always easy during the day. So I’ve stopped going to the library for the most part, other than to pick up books. While in the past I’ve advocated for having a special space set aside just for homework, I’m starting to think that sometimes, it might be nice to move around.

Sometimes, a change of scenery is exactly what I need to break through my apathy. Packing up my homework, books, and laptop feels like a commitment to actually getting work done– something that’s hard to replicated in the home. Doing work outside of my apartment has mixed results. Most of the time, I’m fairly productive and manage to get done what I planned. Occasionally, however, I get distracted out in public and my frustration when I don’t get work done increases.

What are some of your favorite spots to get work done? Can a change in work space lead to more productivity and creativity?



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