The Baby Book

One of my most treasured possessions is the baby book my parents kept for my first three years. Seeing my mom and dad’s handwriting as they write about teething and tantrums and first words is strangely compelling. These are moments in my life that I can’t remember, but having my parent’s memories is better in some ways. My baby book was highly structured when my parents bought it, and they filled out the various sections about the family tree, first words, first steps, and first baths religiously. They put in a few mementos, such as my baby bracelet and a copy of my first check (which I received for being a Fisher Price model), and a few pictures.

In a digital age, I see people getting further away from these sorts of tangible mementos. Mommy bloggers (or daddy bloggers) faithfully keep track of daily events in their children’s lives. These digital parents put up pictures on a near-daily basis. I’m not sure how this sort of baby booking will work out in the future. Will these websites eventually vanish in to cyberspace, leaving those children without evidence that they were once babies? Digital pictures cause me similar concern. What happens when the computer crashes and the external hard drive gets lost? This isn’t my attempt to be old fashioned, but practical. Is there something lost when all memories are made digital?

So why not take some time in the coming months to make a hard copy of your child’s early years? There are plenty of online resources that can help you make a quality book. One great website is Pinhole Press. They not only offer baby photo books, but also a great Book of Faces that can help bring together a portrait of a family for a child.

Do you have a baby book from your childhood? Do you keep one for your child? What are your suggestions for preserving memories?


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