Get Your Facts Straight

Driving to the airport this morning, the driver asked me if I had checked the status of my flight. “Not since last night,” I admitted. The sky was blue without clouds, the weather was unseasonably warm, and I really hadn’t seen a reason to. “Why?”

“Well, the baggage handlers are on an illegal wildcat strike, and so they’ve started canceling flights.”

What? WHAT?! I spent the rest of the ride in silence, trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do. If my flight was delayed for two hours, that would be fine. I would still make it to my conference with plenty of time to spare. Any longer, and I would be missing my talk. I felt nauseous, and not just because I had only gotten four hours of sleep last night and hadn’t eaten breakfast.

Well, it turns out that my panicking was for nothing. I got to the airport and found out it was an entirely different airline that was having a labor dispute. So here I sit preparing to board in about ten minutes, and all my worrying was for nothing. The moral of the story is that you can worry about things as much as you want, but there really isn’t a point in worrying until you have all the facts. You’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Next week I’ll be discussing how to prepare for an academic conference and a rundown of what worked (and what DIDN’T) for my own presentation!

Fly free and easy rather than worrying about worst case scenarios! (Image Credit:


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