Put Away Your Laptop!

I spend way too much time in front of my laptop. I use it to work on my school assignments; I use it to watch television shows and movies; I use it to stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates; I use it to write and post my blog entries; and I can even use it to shop. By the end of the day, I spend more time in front of my laptop than away from it. That realization has not been a pleasant one.

It doesn’t help that laptops have become sort of all-purpose tools, or that working from home means that I feel like I need to be constantly checking my e-mail. Really, the only distance I get from my laptop comes when I’m asleep. The idea of “giving up” my laptop is impossible. I need to write my papers in Microsoft Word, I need to conduct my paper research on the Internet, I need to e-mail my professor the final copy through e-mail. I don’t even get distance for when I want some entertainment. I don’t have a television, so I use the internet to watch any shows I want and Netflix to watch any movies. To stay in touch with family and friends, I use Skype more than I use my cell phone. Through Project Gutenberg, I even do a lot of my school reading online. The introduction of my Nook e-reader into my technological stables has led me to spend even more time in front of a screen.

I’m not so young that I don’t remember a time when I spent days without going on the computer. Heck, I remember a time when playing on the computer was a treat. I’m not trying to get nostalgic here, but I am curious as to how the computer has become so ubiquitous within only a few years. Why can’t I just unplug myself from the laptop? Why don’t I spend more time not on the laptop than I do on the laptop?

Has anyone been able to get some distance from their laptop? What are some tips you have for someone like me who is trying to get some space?


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