Sunday Morning Shout Out

Like the amazing weeks of weather we’ve had in March, true moments of childhood joy are so heartening. This week our five year-old learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Peel back the layers of stress, worry, and fatigue that have plagued me for the past week.  Take a deep breath and enjoy this pure moment.

Now the official middle child, our five year-old sometimes unintentionally sits in her siblings’ shadows.  She does not complain too much about this. But sometimes you notice and so does she. This moment was all hers, though!!!

As daddy explained the concept of balance to her, we saw our daughter ease into it and then just get it. Like those few first wobbly baby steps, a few pedals were pushed and there was a second of balance. This was probably broken by the resounding sounds of cheers coming from all of us. A few more pumps and bingo, she had it! She went from a few inches to many feet of two wheeled glory. Wind in those curly locks, our daughter felt her wings for the first time. As the sun was starting to set that evening, she shined with the last of its magnificent rays. –Her look, the smiles, the infectious giggles and excitement, all a moment to bask in for the rest of the evening.

Sometimes this grown up stuff is just too serious. At times, we are so removed from the joy of our children growing up.  Let us get back to the joy and especially the joy and wonder of our children. It goes by too fast and there is no pause, replay or slow motion in your child’s life as they grow, develop and experience life. It seems like only yesterday she was a newborn in my arms and I know I’ll wonder where the time went when she is graduating school in 12 short years.




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2 responses to “Sunday Morning Shout Out

  1. brenda

    I’ve always treasured childhood “firsts”. First ride on a bike, first time in the deep end of the pool, first time they make a dessert all by themselves. It’s as if we’re literally seeing them grow, becoming more independent and capable every day.

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