Learning’s All Around You

A few days ago, a few of my friends and I decided that we wanted to try making our own sushi. For us, that meant starting from scratch. None of us had ever made sushi before, we had none of the ingredients or tools needed, and no real idea of where to start. We decided to start at a local Asian grocery store. When we went in, there was a display basket that had everything you needed to make sushi so that you could easily assemble your own ingredients. Soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, a sushi rolling mat, rice vinegar, sushi rice…it seemed pretty simple. We decided we wouldn’t need the plastic gloves that were included with the display (who cares, we thought. We’re the only ones eating it. We’ll wash our hands). When we got up to the checkout counter, the woman there asked us if we had ever made sushi before.

Not even YouTube can beat an in-person educational experience! (Image Credit:http://homepage.mac.com/macmarino/blog/try1.html)

When she heard it was our first time, she smiled and asked if we wanted a lesson in sushi making. At first, I thought we could just find out how to do it on the internet. I had work to get done and I didn’t want to spend my whole afternoon learning how to make sushi. How hard could it be? Out of courtesy, however, we agreed.

And wow.

This woman knew how to make sushi. She gave us amazing tips, like rubbing the avocado pit on the knife you use to cut the sushi roll to keep the knife from sticking. She was funny and engaging and made making sushi seem like it was totally doable, even though the process seemed fairly long. It was a great experience, and tonight, my friends and I made sushi.

And thanks to the woman at the Asian grocery store, we made amazing sushi.


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