Keep it Current So You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Recently, one of my friends was applying for a job and needed a resume. “Just print one off,” I said, thinking nothing of it. It turns out that he, like a lot of people, didn’t have a copy of his resume saved anywhere, despite having been in the work force and on the job hunt for six or seven years. Keeping a current resume on your hard drive or a USB is an easy way to save time in the future. Keep updating your resume as you go. If you leave a job and get a new job, instead of having to start a resume from scratch you can just update your existing one. If you want to keep a few different versions of your resume, that can be even more useful.

Rather than worrying about where your resume is, you can focus on giving a knock-out performance at your interview! (Image Credit:

The idea of saving your resumes can extend to all sorts of paperwork. One of the things that I like to keep on my computer is a packing list that I use as my base whenever I’m taking a trip. Rather than having to think about if I remembered all the chargers I need or make a new list from scratch at the last minute; now I just pull up the file and modify accordingly. While address books may have fallen out of style (thanks, Facebook and the internet), it can sometimes be handy to have a holiday-card style list of contacts, with names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail contact information. If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you may want to include birthdays.

While creating these documents may be time-consuming up front, it’s more time-consuming to constantly be recreating these documents because you don’t hold onto them. Don’t necessarily make one if you don’t need one right now–wait until the next time you need one, make it, and then save it! You’ll be glad you did!

What are some other form-style documents you like to keep on hand?



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