Sunday Morning Shout Out

There is something about the blossoms on the trees and green grass that make spring time feel like a great time for a fresh start.  This is the time of year when many opt for a good spring-cleaning of their homes. Well, I will be doing that this year, but I will also be “spring cleaning” the school year.

At the beginning of the school year, I do many well-intentioned things. Come October, they seem to have gone out the proverbial door.  Here is my list of spring-cleaning:

1)     I will really lie out the clothes the night before school. I have two little girls who can be particular about how things feel. This will save a lot of time and temperamental moments for all of us.

2)     Instead of opting for more shut eye, I will get up a half an hour before the kids each and every day. Not only does this give me a jump-start on the day, it centers me, focuses me, and provides a peaceful start each morning.

3)     The folders will be reviewed as soon as the girls get off the bus. I will stop this year’s bad habit of reading things before bedtime or in the morning. I am fortunate to have an older daughter who diligently completes all homework on her own accord.

4)     The lunches and snacks will be completely made the night before.  This will save precious time in the morning.

5)     I will have my work done by the time the girls are home from school so I can be more present when they are home and not preoccupied with my to do list.

6)     More frequently, I will go beyond the normal homework and apply the principles of what they are learning to regular life.

7)     We will look up and research the things we say we want to with the kids.

8)     My husband and I will better model a better balance of work and play for our children.

9)     We will give the kids more credit and appreciation where it is due. They have their moments as all children do, but they are great kids overall. Great kids!!!

10)  I will make these changes more permanent and not just for a short season.

Off to clean!!!

We hope you are having a good holiday weekend.



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