Shaking It Up

Sometimes, families can fall into ruts. Whether it’s watching the same TV show, going out to the same restaurant, or playing the same games, getting into a rut can get old, FAST. When you find yourself falling into a rut, get out of it. Fast.

Last night, my family shook things up by bringing out a new game. With a four-year-old in our house, change isn’t always the easiest thing. She definitely has her favorites and is often reluctant to try new things, especially if it’s challenging or frustrating.

While Tiddlywinks certainly did mix up our family routine, it was also challenging. And, for our youngest family member, frustrating. But playing this game taught her some important lessons. First of all, it taught her the importance of taking turns. As much as she wanted to keep trying to get her winks into the center cup, she had to give other players a chance to play. Secondly, it taught her to persevere. As frustrated as she was getting with the game, the rest of us kept reassuring her. After all, she was the first to get a wink into the center cup, although it was her first and only point.

She may not have made it to the end of the game, instead opting to let our dad substitute in and team up with another player. However, we all had a great time and bonded over a new activity.

What are some of your favorite ways you’ve shaken up your family routines?


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